The membership sorted into three, there are :

  • Individual

  • Law constitution

  • Community

Being part of IOI will gain a lot of positive effect and plus value by involve yourself into IOI’s Activities directly or indirectly.
  1. Raise membership brand image quality trough IOI’s programs and activities
  2. Raise and develop plus value on member’s economy potential
  3. Gain an education about development of member’s economy potential interconnected with the economic stake holder institution in Indonesia.
  4. Get the advocate for helping solving the lawsuit between members related to IOI workspace.
  5. Have an affiliation in national and international economics stake holder organization
  6. Present on international market in marketing products and member’s service
  1. Individual member should be legally stated as Indonesia Citizen (ID/Passport for proof)
  2. Law Constitution Member should be registered on Ditjen AHU (Directorate General of Public Law Administration) in Kementrian Hukum dan HAM RI(Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Republic of Indonesia).
  3. Community member should have staff, members and activities that held based on the community’s mission.